Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schools Out....Let the summer Begin (Wait what is all this rain!!!)

Preschool was officially over on the Thursday before Memorial day, but it took us nearly 3 weeks to get a dry day to have the graduation and BBQ! But, finally we were able to have our first graduation. It was super fun with all the families. This has been a tremendous first year. We are so excited for next year. We have only one space to fill in the 4's class and a couple of day care spots! It is amazing to think of how fast our little school has grown.

Once school was out, I was ready to hit potty training full force. He still needs to be reminded to go...if he is playing or outside. #2 is a bit of a challenge, but I bribe him with mini candy bars and that seems to be a great incentive. We installed a really cool built in potty seat, which is easier to clean. We figure we will at this potty training thing for awhile

We had a fun time at the Rose Festival, although it rained and rained.

Now we are on the count down to our Utah/California trip...more on that to come.