Friday, January 04, 2013

To Be Resolute

So, on Sunday I gave a talk at church on resolutions. I am not a big resolution maker.  I tend to always lose motivations and focus.  I start reading other peoples blogs or looking a their pinterest boards and feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. I am not sure why I find it so hard to be content with who I am and the contributions that I have to make to the world.  It is impossible to be in this time of year with our thinking of these things. Where am I going? Is my life headed in the direction that I want it to go?  Am I becoming the person the Lord intended me to be?

Anyways I digress... RESOLUTIONS.... that words is kind of heavy, I prefer goals.  But, because "Goals that are not written are just wishes." I thought I would put a few things in writing.

So, the first and most important goal for me that I learn to parent my children with out raising my voice. I yell at my children often. I taught huge classes of 1st and Kindergarteners for years and never raised my voice. Yet three loud and rambunctious little boys can make me turn into a growling bear, at a futile attempt to "control and correct them." I have a lot of plans as to how I am going to put this goal into action.

Second is a financial can be summed up in one word: Quickbooks

Lastly I have a short list of things I would love to accomplish:
Make someones life better
Make something beautiful
Enjoy something special with each of my children
See something new
Learn something new
Meet someone new
Do something just for me
Do something just for Logan

OK maybe not such a short list, but hay we have to set lofty goals and aim high. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Highlights - The Kids

2012 Had many memorable moments....I guess I will just run down the list from bottom to top. The are all still at home with us everyday and so little that playing is what they do best.

Kendall - Born in February a week late and at a whooping 9.7 pound she was ready for the world.  She was and remains the sweetest baby we have had.  It might be that she is dressed in purple from head to toe most days, but who knows. When she was a bout 3 months it became apparent that she was not making her milestones.  So, we took her to see the doctor who referred us to a specialist. To keep this post reasonably short, I will leave Kendall's issues for another day and another discussion.

Matthew - He has more energy than any boy should have in one body. We are pretty sure that he is going to go to college with the "quack-quack".  He love all things that are ball and all things ducks. Maybe he will play ball one day for the UofO. This year he had his adenoids out and he is finally sleeping through the night. That was an ordeal as 2-year olds just do not reason well when they are in pain.

Andrew - Dinosaurs...if Andrews life could be summed up in one word it would be dinosaurs. He wears dino clothes everyday, sleeps with dinosaurs, everything that has a dino on it belongs to him. He loves all things Dinosaur.  He has a very sensitive souls and is learning how to get his feels hurt less. He loves his sisters so much and always wants to be near her.

Aaron - Hard to believe that my "baby" turned 5 this year! He is doing lots of amazing work in learning and growing. He is still not a fain of "formal" school, but I can usually get creative enough to make if fun.  He like traveling and trying new things. He has his dad's spirit of adventure and my red personality.  A bit strong willed, but it is worth the work to see the little man his becoming.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Well, 2012 is behind us and on we move to 2013. I feel like there is so many wonderful things in store for our family.  I haven't blogged in a VERY long time.  But, I thought I would see how well I could do at writing a bit about our crazy life....Since our last post we have had another baby (yes, it is a girl :-), opened a second school and continued to live the crazy life.  Kendall was definitely the highlight of 2012!  Our little princess joined us in February.  She is amazing and challenging all in the same breath. So for now I have to sleep, but tomorrow I will tell you more about life and learning with all the munchkins!