Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Gratitude is one of the fruits of the spirit that I tend to lack. I am usually a glass half empty kind of person, and I tend to see what has not been done, over all that has been accomplished. So, I thought I would list some of my blessings to remind myself, when I read back through this (yes, I am probably the only one that reads my blog :-), of how blessed I really am!


** My husband -

He is an amazing husband who loves me and supports me in all I want to do. He is a superb father and an amazing asset to our business.

** My Sons -

Each is so uniquely different and amazing. They bring so much joy and perspective to my life. I can not imagine what my life would be like with out each one of them.

** My knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ -

This is one of my most favorite images of the Savior.

Here is the quick of the rest of the list as I hear little voices:
** A Home to Build a Family In...I love our home :-)
** Modern Technology (Computers, Washing Machines and Phones (especially)
** Friends and Extended Family that bring Joy and adventure to my life.
** Girlfriends that remind to to lighten up and have fun.
** Day planners and calendars to reflect on how much we have accomplished
** Babysitters (Molly :-) That allow my husband and I to get out for a few hours.
** Good books that allow me to sneak away for a few hours (or minutes) to a new world.
** The movies that are made from books, so that I have an excuse to pay a huge price to go see a movie in the theater and hold hands with my husband.
** Big bath tubs!
** Good music that makes my heart joyful (and Youtube to have it free!)
** A business that is thriving and growing.
** Being with my children through all their milestones and helping them learn and grow.

I am sure I will think of more and add them soon!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesdays and Finding Blessings

Have you ever noticed how blessings are sometimes hard to see when you are close, but with a little but of space (time) and perspective (wisdom), we can see blessings all around us. For example, I am only just now beginning to see Tuesday's as blessings in our families life. Logan has been Young Men's president now for over 8 months. Usually I would find Tuesday's to be my challenging days. It means me putting the boys to bed by myself and cleaning...etc. However, it also meant about 2 hours (more if he played basketball after :-) to do whatever I wanted. Do I use this time productively, well that is to be debated, but the idea is I have. I guess I am still working on being a glass half full person that seeing the blessing as they arrive. I really want to be that kind of person.

I am still working on my parenting perspective. I can not see the blessings in the screaming tantrums, the sleepless nights or potty training. The blessing is I guess that I have those issues to deal with at all. That means I have healthy, normal kids that have not BIG issues. But in the middle of the 50th tantrum of the day it can feel like everything is BIG! I am determined to find the blessings sooner than later. I have begun to write them down when they come to mind so I can remember that the Lord sends his grace and mercy everyday through little acts that bless our lives.

Monday, November 08, 2010


I will not try and "catch" up on what has been going on in our lives. TOO much has happened and I haven't written in oh so long. So, for the 3 people who might actually read this I will give a brief update.

Logan --> Is working away here in our school. He loves it and I will probably never be able to kick him out now :-) He has been serving as the YM president in the Spanish branch for about 8 months now. It does mean Sunday's are a little more challenging at the Crozier house, but it all works. He is working on taking classes in child development for our business.

Aaron --> Has nearly mastered potty training, is smart as whip and VERY active. (just a mommies opinion) He is always investigating and thinking, but he has the light-hearted nature of his father. He loves to laugh and be silly.

Andrew --> Just turned two! I can't believe how fast time flies. He is so articulate and can talk better than even Aaron could at this age. He is not the most patient of boys, but he thoughtful and LOVES!!! his little baby brother.

Matthew --> He is our most laid back and cheerful baby. He requires less sleep than the other boys, which can be frustrating. But, it is hard to be made with him when he is so happy.

Now me :-) I am working very hard this year in building a very successful and thriving business.
I have been taking a year long course (Sept. - Sept.) on building a childcare business. It is filled with so much information that I just fee so blessed. It is really nice to be in "school" again and to get a plan and a focus for our business. Doing all this while have three little people is rewarding and challenging. I remember my blessings everyday. Mostly that we spend everyday together as a family. I get to grow and learn and become a better person, wife and mother. What a blessing!!

I will post a couple of pictures of some of the fun things we have done since Matthew joined our family:

Lego Land :-) On our trip to Cali.

Petting Zoo at the Rose Festival

The beach on a COLD day in April

Matthew's blessing day!

Trip to Tillamook camping and the aviation museum.

More fun this summer and into Fall!