Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anniversaries and Other Grown-up Things:-)

Yesterday was Logan and I's 4th anniversary. First I would like to know who comes up with the tradition and modern gift ideas? I mean flowers and appliances COME ON!!

Anyways....Logan had to work all day and well we have a 6 week old so, this year we had to be a little creative. That is never a problem for Logan. At 10:00 the alarm went off on my cell phone. He had placed a note inside to a scavenger hunt!! It was fun to run around the house and find all of his notes. I love it when he thinks so creative.

After the scavenger hunt there was a delivery.....

Attached was a new book by Alexander Lloyd. I have been totally into fantasy books lately and with the snow and two kids reading is my one great escape. So, my gifts were wonderful. We went to the ward Christmas party for dinner (can't beat free pizza)!

As for my gift to him....welllll...since this is a G-rated blog I can not really elaborate. But, it is sufficient to say that it involved flowers, fruit and happened well after the boys were put to bed!