Tuesday, December 29, 2009


December has been a month filled with preparing for the addition of one more little boy to our life. Everyone has been sick and teething and "toddlering"...so we have spent a lot of time home just being a family. Here are some of the highlights...

We went to check out the lights at Peacock Lane. It was fun, but the lights were a HUGE disappointment. There are a couple of streets here in town that have much better light displays.

Christmas was fun this year, as Aaron really understood the concept of how to open a present. Andrew thought the whole things was not worthy of his attention and preferred to lay on the pillow and have a bottle. Aaron "helped" by opening all the presents so brother didn't have to. The train set and table were a big hit and he now wakes up every morning and goes straight to the living room to play with the table. It is marvelous, because even at 6:20 I hear his little feet pitter down the hall. Then I can drag my pregnant body out of bed, make him some milk and I know I have 20 minutes to take a shower before he even thinks about stopping his little Thomas party. It is a great stage!

Speaking of pregnant, I still am!!!!! This is me at 32 weeks!

I am now 36 weeks and 6 days. I have never made it this far before. I am ready to hold are new little boy and love on him and share him with the world. Hopefully soon!