Saturday, January 16, 2010


O.K. I thought I would drop a quick update while my two cuties are actually playing quietly together in the living room. The train table is still a huge hit and has amassed hours of enjoyment.

BABY NEWS --> No baby yet...I am now 39 weeks pregnant! I have never made it this far. I am hoping for a VERY healthy baby, seeing as he has had nearly a month longer then this brothers to bake. I really can not complain as this pregnancy has been fairly easy (aside from my completely irrational emotional outbursts :-) Really, I never had morning sickness this time, I didn't gain TONS of water like with Andrew, and no bed rest. Truly I have been blessed. I am convinced it is because Heavenly Father knows my limits and didn't want to push it seeing as I will have 3 boys in 3o months!

THE BOYS --> We had a little snow a couple of weeks ago and I though back to just one year ago when we were snowed it....How time flies!

Last year (17 months) ............ This year (2 years 5 months)

Last year (6 weeks) ............. This year (14.5 months)

I love to see how they grow and grow!!!

MOMMY & DADDY --> I am just playing the waiting game! I still have daycare children, but the preschool is on a break (Because I really though the baby would come in December :-) Preschool starts back up in February, so it will be a busy month if little man decides to join our family late. Logan is in the home stretch with school. He has only 6 classes left and will graduate with his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management on the 27th of June!!! I am so excited for him. He continues to work for the Census and it is really loves what he is doing.

.....more to follow when our little man joins the outside world :-)