Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life Raising Three Boys

Life on Sunday was a prime example of how life can get just a little crazy sometimes. We woke up to find that Aaron had thrown up all over his bed. Logan had to sing in the choir at church and I had a lesson to teach in Relief Society. So, we decided that he would run to church and sing in the first hours, then drive home and switch cars with me for the third hour. Well, Sacrament was a special occasion as the current and past Stake presidents were speaking....so it went for 2 hours!!! He still made it home and than I made it to teach my lesson just in time. I than rushed home and we went out to my mom's house to celebrate my brother's birthday (45 minute drive). Had a great time for a couple of hours. Than headed home...thought everything was great....until Aaron proceeded to vomit all over the hallway! So, bathed and in bed there has been no further sign that the boys are sick. But it was one crazy day!

I really love raising these three little men. It is amazing how they take me by surprise. I tell my boys every time I get them dressed that they are "Handsome, Smart and Strong".... I started to tell Aaron on Monday...I said, "You are Handsome...and he interrupted and said..."and I am smart and strong and I obey my mother and father." I wanted to say "OH really ;-P" But I refrained and said, "You bet you do buddy!" Aren't toddlers that greatest!