Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring has been such a fun time in the Crozier House....

At the Yamhill County Historic Festival. Aaron loved riding on all the old tractors and seeing the horses plow the fields.

We took a weekend and went to Tillmook. We took the boys to the air museum. It was o.k., but I wouldn't recommend it for the price. Not too many planes, and half the hanger is used for RV storage.

The brothers are really learning to love one another. Andrew is the most tender hearted. He gets very excited when ever Matthew wakes up and loves to give him kisses and hugs. He is a great big brother. Aaron is now to the age, where he can choose to be helpful, if he wants to :-)

Well, I really do intend to post more often. The time just seems to slip by me, or on the day I plan to do it, no one naps. I can not believe that Matthew is already 3 months old. Time is going so fast, I wish that I could slow it down a bit. I went to a mother's day weekend at the beach this last weekend and I took just Matthew with me. It was so wonderful to just spend time snuggling him and loving him. He is such a precious little man. He has such a cheerful disposition and a very calm temperament.

Well, the crew is waking up...but I will add more soon.